Traverse City Public Restrooms

Traverse City Convention & Visitor's Bureau            101 West Grand view Parkway (at Union Street)
Chamber of Commerce          202 East Grand view Parkway (at Cass Street)
City Opera House       142 Front Street
BATA Transit Center      115 Hall Street
West End Beach   M-22
Clinch Park      161 E Grand view Parkway
Bryant Park      (Garfield and Peninsula Dr)
East Bay Beach
Hardy Parking Deck
History Center of Traverse City      322 Sixth Street
Civic Center      (near Front and Garfield) 
Governmental Center      400 Boardman Ave
Munson Medical Center
Munson Community Health Center (MCHC)

Horizon Books      (Front Street)

Most Gas stations
Most fast food outlets


Cherryland Mall
Grand Traverse Mall